A Beginners Guide to Kelly Reichardt

Contributed this piece on Kelly Reichardt to my friends at A Fistful of Film. Check it out!

A Fistful of Film

I recently finished a 13,000 word dissertation on American indie director Kelly Reichardt. It’s safe to say that I’m quite the fan of her work. Yet despite being a critically acclaimed regular on the festival circuit since ‘94 it still feels like she doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention. I’m sure there’s a gendered aspect to this-film discourse and auteur theory loves to valorise the supposed genius of (typically white cishet) male directors. It’s also true that her films are not always the most accessible or traditionally paced. They are meditative, anticlimactic stories of isolated figures moving through the American landscape. Yet look beneath the surface and these are films teeming with ideas and subtext. Queer repression, gendered hierarchies, economic degradation, turbulent political landscapes and the harmful innocence of white America are all touched on in ways subtle and everyday. Given my background with her work I figured I might…

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